Monday, September 10, 2007

ESPN Signs-Up for Two Innovative Ad Measurement Programs

-ESPN became the first client to sign on to Nielsen's new market-research tool, NPOWER, which links ratings to various data including income, race, education, occupation and even where they vacation and what kind of cars they drive. Advertisers have been looking for better ways to tie ratings performance to consumer buying habits, which is what Nielsen wants to do with the new "consumer-segmentation" feature that creates and rates categories of potential consumers -- say the “Bohemian Mix” of "young singles and couples" or the “Blue Blood Estates” group of six-figure professionals.

-Integrated Media, also known as IMMI, uses existing technologies to do something new. It recruits teenagers as well as adults up to age 54 to carry a special cellphone at all times for two years. (In exchange, it pays all their cellphone costs.) The phone captures 10 seconds of audio from its surroundings every 30 seconds. Those samples are compressed into small digital files, called fingerprints, and uploaded to the company’s servers in California. There, the files are compared with samples of the media being measured, using a technology called acoustic matching. Thus, IMMI can measure the number of participants who have heard an advertisement not only on television and radio, but also on digital video recorders, game players, cellphones, DVDs and CDs. The technology also works at films, concerts or sporting events. IMMI has signed up ten clients, including NBC and ESPN.

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