Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kiddie Green Screen Makes Special Effects Accessible

Do you remember how amazing your imagination was as a kid? You could probably create entire worlds around your tea-set, or from your tree house. You were Mary Poppins making magic to transform your surroundings. Can you believe that today's kids are now consumers of "green screen" technology, able to truly make their wackiest visions come true? The Rip Roar Creation Station is an awesome gift to give the tech-savvy kids in your life (best aunt, mom, sister, babysitter e-v-e-r!). The Creation Station allows the user to capture video, then edit and share it instantly with the world. Using the included green screen, integrated software, and single-click upload, almost anything can happen! The producer/director can instantly make it look like the actors are climbing mountain tops, talking to animals in the forest, or fishing at a beautiful lake with their friend the black bear.

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