Friday, September 14, 2007

Ridiculous Item of the Day: College Offers YouTube Class

Here's a dream-come-true for Web addicts: college credit for watching YouTube. Pitzer College this fall began offering what may be the first course about the video-sharing site. About 35 students meet in a classroom but work mostly online, where they view YouTube content and post their comments. Class lessons also are posted and students are encouraged to post videos. One class member, for instance, posted a 1:36-minute video of himself juggling. She hopes the course will raise serious issues about YouTube, such as the role of "corporate-sponsored democratic media expression." YouTube is "a phenomenon that should be studied," student Darren Grose said. "You can learn a lot about American culture and just Internet culture in general.";_ylt=Anz2gDq8NC7UanOBBR2YagwjtBAF

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