Monday, April 14, 2008

AP Debuts Online Video Syndication; Adds More Copyright Protection

The Associated Press has created a new syndication feature for its Online Video Network, the video player and uploading service for its 1,800 affiliate member websites. The global news service says members can upload videos to their respective site’s media player. They’ll also be able to share video with the rest of the network, which is made up of newspaper, TV and radio sites throughout the U.S. The new OVN also also has an ad revenue sharing system among the members. It also comes with a set of video management controls, including a filter that blocks other sites not in the OVN system from running a video. The AP is adding a significant layer of copyright protection and licensing for stories and photos through a deal with Seattle-based iCopyright. AP will display iCopyright links at the top and bottom of every AP-hosted story to make sharing and licensing easier (one user calls it “instant fulfillment” for reprints) and will encourage subscribers to add the iCopyright tags to AP stories on their own websites. Another way to look at it: AP and its subs can make revenue from anyone who wants to be legit and can up the guilt factor for the rest.

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