Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Launches

Real quick: How many doubles did Ryan Zimmerman hit in 2006? What was Martin Brodeur's save percentage during the 1998-99 season? And how many touchdowns did Jerry Rice score on "Monday Night Football" in December 1995? The answers: 47, .906 and three. Sure, this is not exactly need-to-know information. But every so often there's a bet to be settled, a trivia question to be answered, a foggy memory to bring into focus. And that's where Sean Forman's labor of love can come in handy. Forman heads Sports Reference LLC, a small Philadelphia-based firm that operates perhaps the most comprehensive family Web sites devoted to sports statistics and information. What began eight years ago as has expanded to include sites for professional football (, basketball ( and, as of yesterday morning, professional hockey (

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