Friday, April 11, 2008

MySpace And ShineReveille Partner On International TV Distribution

MySpace has inked a content distribution partnership with ShineReveille Intl. that aims to broaden the reach of the original content featured on the MySpaceTV platform.
Accord calls for ShineReveille to handle international TV, homevid and merchandising rights for MySpaceTV properties. The deal is not exclusive, however, and some MySpaceTV properties may come to the Web giant with international rights already encumbered by deals with other distribs or rights holders. In many cases, however, deal will allow ShineReveille to shop MySpaceTV fare to international outlets in new TV or homevid formats as well as open merchandising opportunities. MySpace will retain U.S. and worldwide Web distrib rights on most properties. Partnership is a two-way street in that ShineReveille will be able to use MySpace's worldwide heft to test out some of its new programs and formats via MySpaceTV and MySpace social networking services in more than 25 territories worldwide. The deal also brings the Murdoch family a little closer together: in February, Shine, which is controlled by Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, bought Reveille for $125 million. The younger Murdoch started Shine in 2001, a year after leaving News Corp.

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