Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sony Delays PlayStation Home Virtual World Again

Sony is delaying the start of its "Home" virtual world for its PlayStation 3 video game machine until the latter half of this year -- the second time the Japanese electronics and entertainment company has postponed the online interactive service. "Home" is a real-time interactive online world much like Linden Lab's "Second Life" and other so-called "metaverse," or a virtual world in computer graphics on a personal computer that allows people to walk around and interact with each other.The product had been initially promised for last year. But in September, Sony delayed its debut until early this year to spend more time to create a better product. On Tuesday, in yet another major embarrassment for the delay-plagued PlayStation 3, Tokyo-based Sony delayed "Home" again delayed until this autumn. No specific date was given. A limited test service is set to start this summer, it said in a statement.


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