Friday, April 11, 2008

The Top 10 Made Up Words of Web 3.0

Inspired by Web jargon and making their first appearence on Twitter, I give you the Top 10 made up words of Web 3.0:
1. Socialstainable
The act of socially conscious and sustainable conversations, interactions and recycled linking.
"Is your blog socialsustainable? Mine is" "How can our marketing be more socialsustainable?"
2. Viruseful.
Viral marketing initiatives that are actually useful.
"Not only did Shave Everywhere make me laugh—I was able to configure and purchase my new electric razor online"
3. Scrollax
Long form Ajax powered Web pages that scroll.
"Non scrolling Flash Web sites are DEAD. We need more dynamic Scrollax in this design"
4. Emotrics
The analytical measurement of emotions.
"Yes—we've seen the metrics. But what about the Emotrics? We need to measure emotional engagement!"
5. Blickroll
Converting your blogroll list to link to hit Rich Ashley songs. All 2 of them.
"So I'm checking out Micro Persuasion, and I click on Logic + Emotion only to get Blickrolled!"
6. Intercommunes
When people meet on the internet, form communities and eventually move into a commune together. For real.
"When I first started participating in social media, I didn't leave the house. Now, I never have to leave the Intercommune."
7. S'more Locater
Like a Store Locator, except it only locates S'mores. 2.0 bonus points if you use Google Maps and or iPhone.
"Just use our S'more locator to find some S'mores near you."
8. Twiggles
A spontaneous burst of laughter caused by interactions on Twitter.
"Oh look who has a case of the Twiggles today"
9. Grokment
When you comment on someone's blog, fully grasping what the author is trying to say.
"Thank you for that grokment. You complete me".
10. Facehook
When you write catchy lines or clever comments in order to get more traffic on Facebook
"If I want more friends, I really need a Facehook—something to draw them in..."

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