Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CNN Partners With

CNN has entered a partnership with the social news site to feature stories, photos of and video clips from within the startup Web community's growing platform., founded by the McLean, Virg.-based Recommended Reading, Inc., blends RSS-like aggregation tools with Digg-like community voting options. Carrying the tagline "it's your Web, mix it any way you like," the site encourages users to pre-select a set of content topics that interest them--à la MyYahoo--and then also vote on which stories, photos or video snippets are worthy of being shared amongst the site’s community. Through the new partnership, will begin featuring Mixx "buttons" following its various news stories, enabling users to instantly add the site’s content to their customized Mixx pages with the click of the mouse (much in the same way that many sites allows users to add content to Digg or their personal Facebook pages).

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