Monday, July 21, 2008

Future US Buys Sports Blogging Aggregator

BallHype, the web site that found a unique spot in the sports blogosphere by aggregating content from thousands of blogs, has been purchased by Future US, a special-interest media company based in San Francisco. "Our traffic had reached the point where it was substantial enough to prove the value of our model--but we weren't monetizing well, and didn't have enough resources to take advantage of some of the opportunities we saw," said Jason Gurney, who started BallHype with Erin last year. "We're joining a great team, they're a terrific company to work for, and they're strong where we're weak--like monetizing traffic and penetrating other markets." The genius of BallHype is the simple way it separates the wheat from the chaff in the sports blogosphere: users submit their favorite blog posts and then other users either vote those submissions up or down. At any given moment, a sports fan who checks BallHype will find a selection of links to the posts that sports blog readers are most interested in.

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