Monday, July 21, 2008

MTV Launches Music Social Networking Site - ‘Soundtrack’

MTV Networks is launching a new social net site tomorrow called Soundtrack. While executives sought to avoid any comparisons to MySpace Music or, the main point of differentiation is that the song and artist selections on the site are based largely on tunes used within shows on the cable net. MTV JV Rhapsody America plans to start selling songs for download to own through Soundtrack next month. Some of Soundtrack’s features include:
-- A music discovery “wheel” that tells fans what day, show and time they can hear their selected artists. The wheel allows users to search for music currently playing on-air, upcoming in the next 24 hours, and previously played in past show programming dating back to Soundtrack’s launch.
-- MTV is starting with 2,300 band profiles and hopes to increase that number quickly. The bands, a mix of major label and indie, can raise awareness by creating customizable Soundtrack profile pages where they can stream music, videos, promote upcoming events and encourage fan support with tools such as a “vote for me” button called “Support By Sound.” The Soundtrack community will be able to elevate the Soundtrack rank of their favorite band’s songs by listening or voting for them.
-- A Soundtrack ranking system features “Top Artists” and “Top Songs” in the community and provides high-ranking emerging artists with direct access to MTV music supervisors, who will be listening to the online community, observing bands rankings and hand picking new artists to play on MTV on-air programming.
-- Auto-generated playlists around highlighted show moments will be featured on Soundtrack, such as “best party songs” from My Super Sweet 16 episodes.

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