Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Akoha.com: Social Networking Game Based on Being Philanthropic

Akoha is an unusual gaming site where players must carry out missions in the real world in order to earn points. Missions may include inviting someone for coffee, giving a favorite book as a gift, or buying someone a meal, all in an attempt to share experiences with people and create a more meaningful world. Once missions are completed, players can pass on their points cards, and they can also track the cards to see how players have carried out the missions in the past. Each person who receives a mission card will be able to register online and get their own deck of cards to join the game. Players can track their missions across the world as each story will be documented on the site. Players will be able to use a combination of real and virtual money to buy the cards. The concept of “Play it Forward” and do something good for someone else is great, but how long it can sustain remains to be seen. As Chris Brogan summarizes the game, “Go do something helpful. Be a good person. Share something. Play it forward. Easy, right?”


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Sean said...

Thanks for the mention! We're really excited to be welcoming new players to the platform every day and are working hard with them to make sure that playing it forward still retains meaning while being really fun at the same time :)