Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Slingbox Player Released Featuring HD For Sports Fans

The new $299.99 Slingbox Pro-HD, like older models, can take any video input and relay it over the Internet to a computer or smartphone running SlingPlayer software. But with a simple antenna, this model's digital TV tuner can pull in high-definition broadcasts off the air for free; with enough bandwidth, it can send those programs out in nearly their original quality. With the player comes an updated SlingPlayer 2.0 that -- finally -- adds pause, rewind and forward controls. You still can't record a broadcast, but you can now pause it and zip ahead or behind. One consisted of its setup. The Pro-HD, like every other Slingbox, does not include a Wi-Fi receiver. So if you don't have an Ethernet jack next to your TV, you'll need to find some other way to get this compact black box on your home network; Sling Media suggests powerline network adapters, at $80 a pair, but I was able to plug the Pro-HD directly into a wireless router.

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