Friday, October 3, 2008

China Spying on Citizens Skype Conversations

Skype, eBay Inc's Web communications unit, said on Thursday that TOM Online Inc, majority owners of Skype's Chinese venture TOM-Skype, had been monitoring and storing some of its users' text messages without Skype's knowledge. Skype apologized after a report revealed that the Web service monitors text chats with politically sensitive keywords and stores them along with millions of personal user records on computers that could be easily accessed by anybody, including the Chinese government. Jennifer Caukin, a spokeswoman for Skype, minority owner of TOM-Skype, admitted to the privacy breach in the TOM Online servers and said it had now been fixed.However, she said that Skype needed to have further discussions with TOM after it found out that the venture had changed privacy policies without Skype's consent or knowledge in order to store certain user messages.

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