Monday, October 6, 2008

First Look at the BlackBerry Application Center, RIM's Answer to the iPhone

You’re looking at the BlackBerry Application Center, RIM’s answer to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. Same basic concept as the other two—you browse and buy applications that enhance your BlackBerry experience. What you're seeing now is a first look at RIM's initial response to Apple's highly popular on-device iPhone App Store. Aimed to launch on the the BlackBerry Storm's version 4.7 operating system, the BlackBerry Application Center will allow the user to find, browse and install/upgrade 3rd party BlackBerry apps hosted by carriers. The Application Center will serve as the main interface on the device between the user and the carrier offered directory list of downloadable applications and will provide the user with an up to date list of applications available for download, along with description and marketing information about each application. The complete Application Center solution will consist of a device side application and a server backend hosted by RIM that the application will interact with to retrieve up to date application list of applications hosted by the carriers.

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