Monday, October 6, 2008

Musicians Band Together For More Control In Digital Age

More than sixty well known musicians have launched the Featured Artists’ Coalition to fight for their rights in what they see as the rapidly changing “digital landscape.” As Brian Message, co-manager of Radiohead and Kate Nash said in a statement, new deals in the digital age were being struck all the time, “but all too often without reference to the people who actually make the music.” Message noted: “Just look at the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on file-sharing between labels, government and the ISPs. Artists were not involved.” The artists, who include The Verve, Craig David, Robbie Williams and the Kaiser Chiefs among others, will campaign for changes to laws governing the music industry. Aside from trying to ensure that artists always retain ultimate ownerhip of their work, and that all agreements are conducted in a “fair and transparent” manner, they’re hoping that rights’ holders will agree to explain how any new deal will affect how the artist’s work is being exploited. Quite a tall order when you consider that many on the business side are still scratching their heads over how such deals as Nokia’s Come with Music will ultimately make money.

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