Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NBC to Relaunch Local TV Station Web Sites

In a marked departure from the common practice of TV station Web sites serving as adjuncts for the on-air product, NBC Local Media is relaunching its station Web sites to more closely resemble city sites. The approach, dubbed "locals only," will include content from the TV stations, but also from wide variety of local sources--including print, online and bloggers--to provide a destination for local consumers in the market. Even the Web site URLs will change to reflect the more local focus such as nbcchicago.com and nbclosangeles.com. The new sites will roll out in four phrases throughout the month, beginning Monday afternoon (Oct. 13) with Chicago. Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco will launch Oct. 16, followed by Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. on Oct. 27 and New York and Hartford on Oct. 27.

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