Monday, October 6, 2008

NFLPA Fantasy Football League Showing How Players Value Themselves & Each Other

This year marks the second season of the NFL Players "Players-only" Fantasy Football league. The league offers a unique look into how an actual player values one of his own. Or in the case of Mr. Jones-Drew, how one values himself. And it's not just for the pros. Actual fantasy players can glean information from players' roster moves. Last week, for instance, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, looking for his first fantasy win of the season, dropped Pro-Bowl wide receiver Torry Holt to his bench and moved the inconsistent Lee Evans of Buffalo into the starting lineup. Mr. Fitzgerald cited a quarterback switch for the Rams as his main motive for demoting Mr. Holt. He also noted that the Bills were playing in a dome and didn't have to contend with the weather, and that Buffalo wide receiver Roscoe Parrish had gone down with an injury, opening up Mr. Evans for a bigger role in the offense.Mr. Jones-Drew selected himself first overall. Tatum Bell took himself with the 78th pick. Cato June and Will Witherspoon drafted the defensive units they happen to play for (Tampa Bay and St. Louis, respectively). And last week, New York Jets kicker Jay Feely picked himself up as a free agent. Meanwhile, Mr. Witherspoon stole Rams teammate Steven Jackson two picks before the All-Pro running back was going to draft himself. Mr. Jackson then grabbed Mr. Fitzgerald in the third round, after Mr. Fitzgerald passed on himself in favor of Larry Johnson in the second round.

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