Thursday, October 2, 2008 Debuts Sports Stock Exchange on Wednesday launched its new Web-based sports stock market, developed with $250,000 in seed funding from investor Phil Drayer, Reuters reported. The site allows users to trade real-world money based on the performance of individual athletes, teams and other sports-related variables. It also features sports news and social networking elements. Michael Sroka, the 27-year-old founder of San Francisco-based, told Reuters he thought annual revenue from the venture could hit $50 million to $100 million -- if the site reaches 3 million users after a few years. Similar ventures, such as the Cantor Fitzgerald-owned Hollywood Stock Exchange, allow users to trade in movie stars, musicians and other celebrities.,-debuts-sports-stock-exchange

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thanks danny z....i dont know what the world would be like without your news bitz....i once took a vacay to a small spanish speaking island of the cost of moldavi and couldnt get on for a week, my life turned upside down, thats when i realized i cant live without z's news bitz...god bless you danny for giving the sports world a reason to wake up in the morning..your friend, Jason Goldberg