Monday, October 13, 2008

Ridiculous Item of the Day: Soccer Fans Banned From Wearing Borat Costume in Match Vs. Kazakhstan

England fans have been banned from wearing Borat's "mankini" to the national team's match with Kazakhstan at Wembley. The green male thong, made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen's spoof Kazakh reporter, has been banned by authorities. Groups on social networking group Facebook have been set up with members vowing to dress like Borat, sporting the neon green thong, but police have quickly moved to warn supporters. Metropolitan Police have warned people will be arrested on public decency or public order laws. A spokesman said: "If a person's actions are likely to cause alarm or distress, officers would act." Ali G creator has said he will not appear as Borat at the match and sing the Kazakh national anthem. He had previously sung the country's anthem at a US baseball match in his movie: "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan." But he has upset Kazakhs with his portrayal of their country, regularly portraying them as backward people, who enjoy abusing women and the mentally handicapped. The Kazakhstani national team has also been left furious by the bungling journalist. Midfielder Ruslan Baltiyev, Kazakhstan's most-capped player has vowed to show England there is more to the country than Borat. Bookmaker Paddy Power is also offering odds on which Borat phrase commentator Clive Tyldesley will utter during ITV's debut coverage of England under their new contract. The favourite is "Very nice" at odds of 4-1, with 10-1 for Borat's greeting of "Jagshemash."

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