Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tip’d, a Digg Clone for Financial News

Tip’d, which launched today, describes itself as “a place for investors… to meet, share, discuss, comment, and vote on what’s happening on both Wall Street and Main Street.” Essentially, it’s another Digg clone targeting a particular vertical. In this case, financial news. Content categories include Commodities, Economy, Personal Finance, Stocks, and Tech. Instead of Digging a story submission, users vote by hitting the “Tip It” button. Just like Digg, only those stories that receive enough votes feature on the site’s homepage. However, what makes Tip’d standout from similar Digg clones is the person appointed to help cultivate and manage the community — Muhamad Saleem. For it’s the community in which any social news site lives or dies by. Over the last few years Saleem has lived and breathed social media. He’s a top user on Digg itself, as well as being very active on other social media sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit. He’s also a paid user of AOL’s own Digg clone Propeller, as well as a prolific blogger in his own right.


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