Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Bills Fans Kick Off Web Site Campaign to Keep Team in Buffalo

In order to save their Bills, Bob Schwartz and Alex DiNunzio have offered a free prize to any billionaire promising to buy the team and keep it here: A T-shirt. Welcome to , a slightly tongue-in-cheek Web site with an oh-so-serious mission: To keep the Bills in Buffalo. Schwartz , a successful marketer, and DiNunzio, an e-marketing whiz, have created a grass-roots organization seeking creative ways to keep the Bills viable here and attract an owner who will keep them here. Schwartz and DiNunzio already have begun several initiatives on their Web site:
• Launching an online petition, seeking signatures from fans committed to doing anything they can to keep the Bills here long term. That petition, once they gather thousands of signatures, will be presented to NFL officials and policymakers. “Our goal is to have a signature for every seat in the stadium,” DiNunzio said.
• Posting video testimonials from elected officials, former Bills players and other public figures about the importance of the Bills to Buffalo.
• Selling T-shirts and bumper stickers with their billsinbuffalo4ever logo, to help raise awareness about the issue and fund their efforts.
• Hosting events to engage the public, such as a Dec. 2 stakeholders’ forum, a brainstorming session seeking to draw elected officials, business leaders, fans, media and maybe some former Bills players.

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