Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NFL Looking Into Legal Options Against Skyfire for Mobile Streaming of Free NFL Games

There is a new cellphone web browser that can be downloaded called Skyfire that enables Windows-based and certain Nokia model cellphones to pick up streaming video, including NFL Network games on Thursday nights and NBC games on Sunday nights. The NFL had recently announced a deal to allow Sprint to offer to its wireless customers the NFL Network telecasts via what was called an "exclusive NFL Mobile Live" application. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league's legal department is "aware" of Skyfire. "We are exploring our legal options in regards to several different platforms," McCarthy said. Tracy Demiroz, vice president of the Mountain View, Calif.-based Skyfire, said users who can get the free Skyfire download on their cellphones are able to pick up anything broadcast or streamed live on PCs. Demiroz said that she was unaware of any legal concerns the NFL might have. "In terms of blocking what is freely available on PCs, I'm not sure under what grounds the NFL would have that is feasible," Demiroz said.

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