Friday, December 5, 2008

Baron Davis Partner in

Barond Davis latest venture is a Website,, which invites users to “Compete online with anyone in anything.” They see the site as an opportunity to unite people from all walks. “I want to see the site become a combination of YouTube and MySpace,” Davis says. “It’s a friendly competition on a social network, where people can make light of the world and concentrate on humor and the creative side of our country. I think a lot of times people take things too seriously. Ultimately, you can go there and see what people think about products, social issues, patriotism and, at the same time, have fun with it.” Cash thinks it could be a place where everyday people can interact with celebrities. NBA stars Steve Nash, Chris Bosh and Gilbert Arenas have already joined in, and they’ve managed to get Will Ferrell, Anna Faris and Adam Sandler to promote their most recent movies there. It also doesn’t hurt that Alba herself is addicted.,0,5961818.story

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