Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beck's Beer Tries Blogging

Belly flopping, Val Klimer and the world's largest potato are just a few items posted at today. This is all part of "The Daily Different," a new blog created by the imported beer maker. The brand interviewed more than 1,000 people to find the right personality. It picked British standup comedian Darius Davies from London to serve as the voice of the brand. The effort ties into Beck's overall brand positioning of "Different by Choice" created by Euro RSCG 4D, Amsterdam. Jorge Inda Meza, global marketing manager for Beck's, said the goal of the blog is to create "relevant and entertaining content that's not about beer in online places that are frequented by the target audience. We fully realize that, in order to make 'The Daily Different' truly engaging, we need to avoid corporate stories and let Darius' control the content on 'Different by Choice' by providing posts that are relevant and of interest to our target audience directly on our main site," To promote the site, Davies also will create a "Daily Different Facebook" page as well as a channel on YouTube.

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