Monday, December 1, 2008

Blockbuster, Microsoft Team Up on Mobile Movies

Blockbuster Inc. caught up to the competition last week by introducing a set-top box that brings rentals from the Internet to the television. Now, the Dallas-based company hopes to pass the pack by teaming with Microsoft Corp. on new mobile services that will let customers watch even more movies on more devices. "Eventually, we'll give customers instant access to any movie on any device with an Internet connection and a screen," said Keith Morrow, Blockbuster's chief information officer. "More immediately, we could use this technology to reach into airports. Travelers could quickly download movies from Blockbuster kiosks to their portable media players." Blockbuster will try to build some of these services on top of the new software platform from Microsoft. Dubbed "Live Mesh," it uses Internet connections to share data among different devices. Folks with multiple PCs can already use Live Mesh to do some basic things, such as synchronizing their home and work calendars. Soon, Live Mesh will work with Macs and Windows Mobile smart phones.

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