Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Patriots To Launch Interactive Exhibit Featuring New England Football

In September, the New England Patriots team will unveil an exhibit that not only will celebrate the rich tradition of football throughout New England, but will also serve as an electronic encyclopedia, highlighting more than 600 high school, youth, and college teams. The memories of players, coaches, games, and championships will no longer be sealed in old newspaper clippings or relived solely through the tales of old-timers. Schools will able to upload facts, figures, and pictures to NewEnglandFootball.com. More than 640 schools have been invited to sign up on the password-protected site to begin uploading information. At The Hall, an interactive touch-screen kiosk will allow visitors to find a school in New England through the website and read what has been added.The quality of the website will rely heavily on the participation of New England schools. The more information they provide, the stronger the resource will be. Details of rivalries, traditions, and milestones will be among the information featured.


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