Thursday, May 1, 2008

Adobe Opens Flash To Everyone For All Screens

Adobe is making a big play to make Flash the de facto viewing environment not only for Web apps on your PC, but also on your mobile phone, your TV, and any other screen you can think of. It is announcing the Open Screen Project to make it easier to develop applications across devices—using Flash, of course. To help the project along, Adobe is:
1. Opening up the runtime to its Flash player for the first time so that anybody can create their own customized player.
2. Removing licensing fees for Flash on mobile devices. While Flash is free on PCs, cell phone makers and other device manufacturers must pay a royalty fee.
3. Publishing the APIs for porting Flash to other devices.
4. Publishing Adobe protocols for pushing content to devices like Flash Cast and AMF. Adobe will also work with wireless carriers on protocols for over-the-air software updating.
On the application creation side, Adobe increasingly will be adopting a widget approach.

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