Thursday, May 1, 2008

AT&T’s MediaFlo Mobile TV Service To Launch Next Week

AT&T Wireless will finally launch its much delayed mobile TV broadcasting service next week, and it has made all the necessary moves to make sure it never really takes off, including high end pricing of the service and limited handsets. It is being run on Qualcomm’s MediaFlo network, the same one used by the still-underwhelming service by Verizon Wireless. The details, culled from the WSJ story:
-- Available in 58 markets, including most big cities,
-- Programming from major TV networks, including CBS, Comedy Central, NBC and Fox, with some simulcast of what’s on TV, and a little more than half will be delayed from the TV airtime. T
-- The lineup of 150 programs includes popular shows such as CBS’s “CSI” and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”
-- AT&T will have exclusive mobile rights to CNN content. Also, it will have a movie channel called PIX, from Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures Television.

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