Thursday, September 4, 2008

Comcast Launches Fancast Mobile, Schedule DVR Recordings From Your Phone

Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) is getting ready to launch Fancast Mobile, a mobile application which will allow users to watch live programming on your phone, and schedule recordings on your DVR, reports Gizmodo.. Gizmodo also said Fancast Mobile will support basic Comcast services on your phone, such as watching an unspecified amount of live programming and scheduling recordings and maybe—in later releases—Slingbox-like streaming. You can also rate movies and buy tickets on Fandango, and possibly use your TiVo remotely and update your Netflix queue.

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Kate Noel said...

At Fancast we’ve been working on a number of great new features that are all about convergence and creating a seamless entertainment experience. At some point in the future this will include a mobile component, however there are no releases planned in the short term. Recent posts suggesting that we are “ready-to-go” with a Fancast mobile application are false. Right now we are providing a great content experience on the site and helping people find and consume entertainment content wherever it lives, whenever they want to.