Wednesday, September 24, 2008

eBay Fuels Fires of Resentment with New PayPal-Only Policy

Somewhere along the way, eBay seems to have fallen under the impression that gasoline is a great flame retardant. As if a slew of negative policy changes and a failed acquisition weren't causing the company enough problems, eBay has announced that, come next month, PayPal will not only be the preferred method of payment in the US, it will be virtually the only method, period. Announced in a seemingly innocuous FAQ update (hat tip: The Inquirer), eBay will no longer allow checks and money orders as payment methods across its site beginning in "late October 2008." Except for a few specific items like cars, real estate, industrial equipment, and "mature audience" goods, eBay will only allow PayPal, ProPay, and payment upon pickup as compensation methods.

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