Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Rolls With Strategy Room ramped up its online Strategy Room experiment from the conventions to a full-fledged nine hour per day live online video marathon. I watched for about 30 minutes today, and it’s not like any traditional TV broadcast. An anchor and pair of analysts sit around and talk about the politics of the day. During the 3pm ET hour, Fox News anchor Heather Nauert conducted a discussion with a reporter via Satellite. A producer/director type sits right behind the anchor and punches the show on the fly. No graphics, no video - just raw politics. Nauert was reading from her Blackberry, let gaps of silence roll by and was very roll-with-the-punches. The Strategy Room is slated to run each day from 9am-6pm ET Monday through Friday. “It’s like a cocktail party without the alcohol,” Nauert said.

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