Monday, September 8, 2008

Fox Sports Chief Comes Out Against NFL Online Streaming

Major sports properties are moving toward more live streaming of games, but not everyone is so sure this is such a great idea. One of those at least flagging the issue is Fox Sports president Ed Goren, whose division is deeply embedded in major properties from the NFL to MLB to the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing to college football.

Would you like to stream more events online at the same time as your network airings?
In today’s marketplace, the big dog is definitely viewership on network television and the ad revenue that generates. Even if you look at the tremendous success of the Olympics across multiple platforms, if it doesn’t perform on NBC, no matter what the rest bought in, you couldn’t run a business right now. So I think we can’t lose track of the power of the mass audience and revenues that network television brings.

So does that mean you think online streaming of sporting events cannibalizes audiences now?
At this point I think that’s debatable. Down the road it certainly could be a factor.

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