Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CBSSports.com To Feature Bloggers College Sports Rankings

The blog world clearly has plenty of power, as 75 percent of those on the Internet reportedly read blogs. But the blog world has lacked any sort of organized power. Sure, a college football blogger, like Brian Cook of MGoBlog.com could actually get the attention of Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez with something he says. But how much does Cook's opinion count outside of Ann Arbor? Things could be changing, however. We've just heard that TeamWorks Media, a Chicago-based sports and entertainment content company, has brokered a deal to partner with CBSSports.com, in which TeamWorks will share its college football poll for exclusive use on the web site. Each week, nearly 100 college football bloggers will vote on its Top 25 and that list will posted every Monday, as CBSSports.com's BlogPoll Top 25, along with the traditional AP and USA Today/Coaches Poll. What's interesting is that while the rankings will post on Monday, they won't settle until Wednesday. So fans have the right to argue with a blogger and get him to try to change his picks. MGoBlog.com's Cook is the founder and administrator of the blogpoll, the first one is already on CBSSports.com. This week, the bloggers have LSU at No. 5, lower than both the AP and the Coaches Poll. The bloggers have Vanderbilt at No. 12, ranked higher than in the other polls.


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