Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Wikia Interface Enables Applications for Search-Results

Wikia Search has released an interface called Wikia Intelligent Search Extensions (WISE) that lets sites build their search results into custom-made applications. WISE launched Wednesday with a number of partners offering sample "WISEapps," including AccuWeather, Digg, and The Washington Post, which built an application that can show its news articles directly within search results. Incorporating the collaborative Wiki philosophy, Wikia Search lets people edit search results, including the order in which results appear. Google has begun a much narrower experiment that lets people move, add, and remove search results, but Wikia co-founder and Chairman Jimmy Wales wants to offer more. "While others have announced they're simply 'experimenting' with allowing user input on search results, the Wikia Search project continues to seek ways to provide unmatched levels of input from users," Wales said in a statement. "Today we've taken another significant step in that direction and firmly believe anyone who uses our search tool will find the results better for it."

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