Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RealDVD Temporarily Suspended

A federal judge has ordered a temporary halt to the sales of RealNetworks' (NASD: RNWK) new DVD-copying software, RealDVD, siding with Hollywood movie studios who asked for an injunction while the court hears its arguments that the software facilitates copyright infringement, NewTeeVee reported. A RealNetworks representative told NewTeeVee the judge ordered the halt until Tuesday so that all of the papers filed in the case may be reviewed. RealNetworks pre-emptively sued the movie studios last week, asking a judge to declare that its $49 RealDVD application does not infringe copyrights. Later in the week, the studios shot back with their own copyright infringement lawsuit against RealNetworks, which also asked the judge for the temporary injunction against sales of RealDVD.

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