Friday, December 5, 2008

Israeli Web Site Advises Using Wisdom of Quran

A new Web site launched by an Israeli university professor and his Bedouin students aims to address life's everyday quandaries from the perspective of an ancient sacred text: the Quran. Organizers of the site,, say they hope it will serve as a "bridge between Islam and the West" by applying the wisdom of Islam's holiest book to modern-day problems. "We try to transform the Quran into a modern and useful tool, so that every person can find a Quranic answer to modern psychological and educational queries," said Ofer Grosbard, professor at the Academic Arab College for Education, affiliated with Haifa University. Quranet divides chapters of the Quran into topics such as "Loss, Illness and Tragedy," and provides answers to such questions as, "Is loss an excuse for aggression?" and "What can we say to someone who refuses to accept a gesture of peace?"

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Anonymous said...

Can’t these religious freaks just go away? Really, stop trying to make their fairy tale books seem less delusional and stop, please. I’m one of a large number of people who just don’t want these people around anymore. Muslim, christian, jewish, all of them.