Friday, December 12, 2008

Ridiculous Item of the Day: Michael Wilbon Marriage Advice for Candace Parker and Sheldon Williams

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Marriage Counseling said...

I and my wife marriage life were so boring just after few years of wedding. We both tried to take family marriage counseling to bring back love, romance and intimacy. Counselors advice us to acquire the time on weekends or another occasion to communicate the goals and thoughts you both share. Don’t just enjoy the last few days of your wedding. But plan ahead for the future too. Speak about where you both want to be whether it is going back to college, receiving a promotion, shifting careers or having a child. Distributing your aim and thoughts can facilitate you both to continue in touch with what matters to both of you and can help out you to obligate to helping each other. Consider we transform from day to day, both personally and physically. We progress, evolve and grow, keeping these channels of conversation open - keeps us to develop jointly without of being apart. This really helped me a lot.