Monday, September 8, 2008

Rain-Delayed US Open Men’s Final Will Be Streamed Live On,; No Geo-Blocking

Roger Federer and Andy Murray will meet this afternoon for the rain-delayed men’s final of the US Open live on CBS (NYSE: CBS), and The last-minute move by CBS Sports marks a first for the tennis Grand Slam event, which is facing its first Monday final in 21 years. Even better for UK tennis fans eager to see favorite son Murray and Federer’s homies in Switzerland, no geo-blocking which means anyone who wants to stay up should be able to watch the match in real time on broadband. The match is scheduled for 5 p.m. edt, which is a little late for the east coast office crowd but prime time as far as work viewing goes for the rest of the U.S. No mobile component this time so commuters are out of luck. So far this year, has streamed chunks of the Masters, the opening days of the British Open, and, of course, the big kahuna, March Madness and more deals are in the works. In June, simulcast the Monday playoff of golf’s U.S. Open, delivering a non-Olympics record of 1.5 million streams.

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